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Please take a look at our available properties on our Lettings page. This page is updated regularly and contains all current letting opportunities.


Having identified prospective properties, Swattons will arrange for you to view the property. For a viewing, you will always be accompanied by a Swattons representative, who will be able to provide immediate advice and answer any questions you may have.

Offer / Application

Having selected a property, you will need to complete a written application form.  You will also need to phone us to arrange an appointment at our office in Andover. All applicants must attend the appointment. If it is deemed necessary for you to provide us with a Guarantor, they must also be present.  At this time any details or requirements can be agreed, including occupancy date, duration of the letting, etc.



Swattons will take references. Normally, this will include your employer, any former landlord, and a character reference. In addition a credit check will be undertaken.

Where a tenant is unable to meet the required income or credit checks, the tenant may have a Guarantor agree to underwrite any rent liabilities. This will be looked at on an individual basis.


Rent is normally quoted on a weekly or calendar monthly basis. In addition, the tenant is responsible for Council Tax, Water Rates, Gas, Electricity and other costs i.e. telephone and broadband.


A security deposit is required prior to occupation. This is held by Swattons as stake holder in a secure client account until the end of the tenancy. The deposit is held to cover any breakages, damage, or other tenant liabilities. At the end of the tenancy a member of Swattons staff will check the property in the presence of the tenant and assess any damages and deductions due.